Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 12 February 1914

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The Little Orchard,



My dear friend:

It is very nice of ^you^ to write to me so soon after yr. marriage. Of course I was very surprised – ! But you know how much I appreciate her. I think she has a beautiful nature; very full of sympathy, & she combines, (which is perhaps rare –,) the qualities^y^ of enthusiasm, [a]^wi^th common – sense –. It will be a great [Page 2] happiness too, to you to know that she understands & loves your work – & is so really proud of it.

Thank you very much for saying you wd. have written earlier, had you thought the news wd. reach London so soon. I saw the pictures in different [Page 3] papers with great interest. If you come to London in warmer days, you must both spend a long day with me here? The station is only a mile off, & the journey an hour from Victoria.

This belated enclosure from Mr Ellis shd. have gone to you long before. Needless to say, I did not write to the Press. Many people [Page 4] might have thought it an impertinence on my part.–

I shd. so like to know what our mutual friends & acquaintances wrote about yr. marriage? Mr Gosse, Mr ShorterSir F. WedmoreBirdie Ilchester &c &c &c! Some day you will tell me–?–

I have let my London house for a time, & hope to let it again. Do tell your wife to write to

[Page 5] me very soon. It wd. be a real pleasure & interest to hear all yr news.

Ev yr affec. friend.



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Feb. 12 1914

Thomas Hardy Esq.




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