Letter from Thomas Hardy to Florence Henniker, 11 February 1914

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My dear friend:

I wanted to tell you by letter before you could have learnt it from the papers that Florence Dugdale & I were married yesterday at Enfield. But somehow, although nobody seemed to know anything of it, the news was telephoned to London immediately. If I had foreseen this I would have written beforehand to you, my best friend. However, we thought it better [Page 2] in the circumstances to inform nobody, not even relations.

Beyond the parties & the officiators there was not a soul present but my brother & her father & sister. And although the church door stood wide open nobody walked in. It was a lovely morning, & the ceremony was over by 8.20!

You do like her I am sure, & I want you to like her better still, if you will be so kind — though as you always are kind [Page 3] I needn't have said that, & I am sure you will go on liking her.

Let me hear from you soon. I don't know when we shall go to London. I rather shun it at this time of year because it gives me such colds. Thank you for your last nice letter. I am glad to know you are on chalk. My experience is that chalk is the healthiest subsoil of any.

Believe me

Your always affect–te friend

Tho. H.
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