Letter from Lina Baumann to Thomas Hardy, 19 January 1926

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3 Reinacherstrasse


Thomas Hardy, Esq re


Dear Sir,

Will you allow me to send you by this post two little essays which contain the principal matter of [Page 2] a lecture I gave last year to an English speaking club here in Zürich.

For many years I have been an ardent admirer & lover of your wonderful work. The humour in some of your novels reminds me sometimes of our own poet Gottfried Keller, who also possesses that tender irony that [Page 3] gives some of your characters such a rich humanity.

My oldest pupils – girls of eighteen & nineteen – have also been reading some of your poems these last four years; also Under the Greenwood Tree & Far from the Madding Crowd, & have always got much human insight & many lasting impressions of the power- [Page 4] ful character-drawing & artistic beauty of your books.

I thank you from my heart for all the beauty & grandeur of your books, by which you have made the world the richer & your readers more understanding & more humane.

Yours very sincerely

Lina Baumann.