Letter from Henry Amos to Thomas Hardy, 24 August 1926

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May I presume to send you the enclosed and to ask for the favour of a brief message for our meeting on Friday.

The whole district, from the Vicar, leading Councillor, and most prominent women, to the poorest person, is against the disgraceful act of the Hunt driving a stag over the cliffs to instant death. But I want them to realise the enormity of the fact that whilst Hunts with 50 dogs get off for cruelties of this kind [Page 2] the householder [gap of four characters: illegible] is heavily fined or sent to prison if he worries a cat or sheep with his dog.

You, more than any one, can say a word that will lift the whole subject into public consideration. I hope it may be my privilege to help give wings to such a message.

Yours respectfully

Henry B. Amos

Thomas Hardy. O.M.