Letter from Thomas Hardy to John E. Acland, 6 February 1908

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Ansd. 7th Feb. Reminder 12th Dec: 1908

Max Gate

Dear Captain Acland:

I will with much pleasure present the Museum Library with the books you suggest. As the copies you already have are of various editions, & some of them contain errors corrected in more recent & uniform editions, I think I should prefer to give a complete set, all alike in style. I will bear this in mind when I see my publishers.

I shall be quite willing to sign them. There is, however, one reason [Page 2] which may make it advisable that I should not do so, namely that books so signed have a tendency to disappear from libraries, or, at least, to have the title-page torn out, or whatever leaf the name is written on. This point can be considered later on.

Yours very truly

T. Hardy.

P.S. I am enjoying the book Mrs Acland was kind enough to send, & am taking great care of it. When I return it I mean to write to her about it.