Letter from Berkeley Williams to Thomas Hardy, 21 January 1927

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Kensington 3867



Dear Mr Hardy

We met Mr Cockerell two nights ago at the Burlington House party & he told me of what I had not heard till then, the loss you have had in the death of your faithful old friend Wessex. I am so very sorry; as being as you know, as great a dog lover as yourself, I can realize how much you miss him; and Wessex was very much of a personality [Page 2] who occupied a very special niche in your home, [world] and your daily life. The one great drawback from which dogs suffer is that they are not long lived enough but they make up for that by the wealth of loving kindness they give us during the years they are with us. Please accept very real sympathy from us both to you & Mrs Hardy.

We have sent the 2 youngest boys back to school today, but Alick who has had an operation on his knee, won't be able to return to Eton just yet. My wife asks me to send Mrs Hardy her love, & I hope we may both send you the same.

Yrs v. sincerely

Berkeley C. W. Williams