Letter from May Sinclair to Thomas Hardy, 21 July 1909

[Page 1] May Sinclair 1909




[Top centre. A printed blue image of a decorative crown around the written lines]

Dear Mr. Hardy

Your letter just stopped me wiring to you to meet me at Portland & come on to Dartmouth. But it is just as well you cd. n't. We were two days in Portland Harbour, with a gale outside; & we were all but caught [Page 2] in the Race going round Portland Bill on Saturday night. I was all alone with the sailors; having landed my sea-sick friends at Swanage; & very glad I was that I had not succeeded in luring you into this peril. As it was, I'm afraid I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm afraid my doctor is right. My silly heart even resents my even resents [Page 3] little mile-long scramblings on Dartmoor, & I resent its resentment.

I am rejoiced to hear of the success of Tess at the Royal Opera. I wish I had been there.

It happened to be Tess that I chose to bring with me on my cruise, [Page 4] & I am reading her again with more & more admiration.

Once I wondered whether the "psychology" of Tess was always right – now I know that it is^always &^ profoundly right. I might have trusted you!

With kindest regards & regrets for the pleasure I missed

Sincerely yrs

May Sinclair