Letter from Siegfried Sassoon to Thomas Hardy, 24 February 1916

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1st Battn. R.W. F.



Dear Mr Hardy

It was a great pleasure to me to receive your letter. The book will be sent you in a week or two, but I shall not be able to inscribe your name in it owing to my being at these wars.

It is not a cheerful performance, 'coming back again'. I wish I could find a spark of glory in it. But there is none now: only organised destruction, & a general feeling of hopelessness. The Army is one vast Stupidity; one "does one's job" & longs for ignoble comforts. And the humour of the Army, – could anything be more English? But no doubt if I were on General Haig's staff I should be an optimist!

Everyone believes in the war except the man in the shell hole. But I have just had German measles, & that has probably given me a feeling of sympathy for the enemy.

With all good wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Siegfried Sassoon
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