Letter from Thomas Hardy to E Dunkin, 27 November 1881

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Questions to be answered by persons desirous of visiting or inspecting the instruments of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

1. State your name, title & professional pursuit, should you have any.

Thomas Hardy, Mr, Literature: (architecture formerly) (for list of works, see publishers' catalogues)

2. State the branch of the Observatory to which your enquiries are directed.

The Observation department

3. State whether you have an Observatory of your own, or are forming one, or are in the habit of making astronomical, magnetical, or meteorological observations.

Have no Observatory of my own; am not forming one; but am sketching plans for one: — am not in the habit of making observations, but have written astronomical passages which are quoted both in England & America.

4. State the particular object you have in view in desiring to see the Royal Observatory.

To ascertain if a hollow memorial pillar, with a staircase inside, can be adapted for the purpose of a small observatory — & how it can be roofed so as not to interfere with observations — etc. etc.

5. State the name of any gentleman of either of the Scientific Societies of London, or who has repute in Science to whom you are known.

Professor Huxley Lord Houghton Mr Tennyson, & many others —

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