Letter from Ezra Pound to Thomas Hardy, 13 November 1920

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Agency —



Thomas Hardy: O.M.

Dear Mr Hardy:

I am sending you today the November issue of THE DIAL in the hope of convincing you that it is a suitable place for your work to appear, for America.

The company is at least as good as is to be found in any other current publication. The Gourmont and Morland are taken from mss. which have not yet been published in French.

I think also you will find our rates of payment as high as those of other periodicals .. in any case it is quite easy for you or your agent to demand what you like.

Hoping, in my "official capacity" for the honour of your collaboration; and asking as a private person that you accept an expression of my long-standing admiration of your poetry and of your prose, and in especial of The Mayor Casterbridge and the Noble Dames.

Believe me yours very sincerely

Ezra Pound
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Draft reply by Thomas Hardy

[Ans].... Have been searching, but have not found one that will [really] suit. However, will hunt again.