Letter from Louise Moog to Thomas Hardy, 5 July 1927

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The Hague,

To Mr. Thomas Hardy,

c/o Messrs. Macmillan and Ltd.

London. St. Martin's Street.

Dear Mr. Thomas Hardy,

author of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles,

May I introduce my-self to you, I am a Dutch girl, who just finished your above mentioned work and I cannot resist the desire to tell you how that work has moved me, how deep an impression it made upon me.

I've never read a book in which I felt something of my self as in your so well-painted – Tess.

I think Tess caracter so beautiful, it is never weak, she always gives and never asks. I think it so lovely of her, when cruel Angel has let her alone, Tess makes herself ugly and when then somebody says "What a mommet of a maid" she says "I don't care ––– but I love him [Page 2] just the same."–

And after all I think it not a crime when she kills that vile wretch, and not at all a crime which ought to be punished – and not at all punished in that way. –

That killed fellow was the cause of all – the cause of her miserable life (and in the same time so beautiful life)– and were not the parents indeed the cause of all?

Who deserves punishment? Tess least of all.

I think life so difficult and several troubles I have had, I met in this book. Oh, I wish that there are more people in the world as you are, for you understand a woman.–

"Tess" is the first book I read of you – and I hope to read soon more of you. –

Many, many thanks for Tess", what beautiful descriptions of nature it contains! and I hope that you live somewhere in England where nature is lovely and [Page 3] life may be so much better than in a great town. I wish you were my grand-father.

May I shake hands with you?

Sincerely yours

Louise Moog.

Louise Moog,

c/o Gemeente Ziekenhuis,

Zuidwal 83

Den Haag.


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