Letter from Andrew Lang to Thomas Hardy, 5 May 1892

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A. Lang. 5.5.92.



Dear Mr Hardy,

I can only repeat my expression of regret, for what I suppose was my "tone of voice". I shall not review any other of your writings, and I have expunged a comparison of your method of handling a tragedy with that of Scott, from the introduction to the Bride of Lammermoor, though myself [Page 2] I should be pleased by such a juxtaposition. Moreover in a little piece of verse in the Tournament of the Heroes, I shall cut out such of yours as took part in that joust.

Concerning experience of life I have, in many respects, had my share of the worse of it. But we must make the best of it, and [Page 3] encourage the habit of making the best of it. For nothing can keep disease and death and estrangement out of it, even if every man had 100 acres and a dozen cows. The wisdom of the past advises us not only to "bear it" but also to "grin".

Sincerely yours

A Lang.
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