Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 15 April 1921

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2, Hyde Park Square,


My dear friend:

How nice of you to write to me yesterday! I hope Florence was not very tired on arriving home? I am delighted that she came here; & considering all the circumstances, she was wonderfully cheerful. – She must come again – & you also must pay a little visit to London!

Could you not put up at a comfortable [Page 2] hotel near here: come to this house for any meal you liked – or to write letters – ? and you could ask anyone you liked to luncheon here, (either with, or without me!)– I am certain a change, without fatigue, wd. be good for you. – We might motor to Keats's house, or some other interesting places.–

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I sat between 2 very pleasant ladies at a tea-party the other day, & we talked of you – One was Lady Stanley, & the other Marjorie Bowen, the novelist. Lady S. mentioned "Two on a Tower" as evidently a favourite of hers – I remember I ventured to tell you not long ago how good I thought it. – Miss Bowen – (she is Mrs Someone–) is, I think particularly fond of "The Mayor of Casterbridge"– [Page 4] F. tells me that has been "filmed"? –

There has just been quite a heavy snowstorm here. I hope it won't lie – on account of the horses. & birds. I gather that the news is more hopeful this evening – My dear dog is shut out of his lovely K. Gardens and H. PK. as well, but I trust not for long.

My love to F. & Wessex – who must be in wild spirits at her return.

Ev yr. affec. friend

Flo H
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I am sorry to hear to-day that my brother has the worry & anxiety of his wife having an attack of measles. It is a tiresome illness when one is grown up, & he has had so much anxiety in his life life.