Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 6 July 1920

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The Royal Hotel,



[Top left corner: A printed black image of a lion lying in profile, facing left.]

My dear friend:

I hope you & F. were not very tired after our charming & interesting expedition. It was delightful to see so much in one afternoon. I hope that Thursday afternoon will be as lovely as this one has [Page 2] turned out, after the drenching morning. The sea has been a lovely peacock-blue. –

I shall hope to arrive with Anna at the Museum at 2 – (or very soon afterward,) on Thursday. –

Florence's bright nosegay from yr. [Page 3] garden makes a cheerful spot of colour in my window. It was so kind of her to bring me those flowers –

Of course no answer is expected to this -

Thank you for showing me so much that was interesting –

always yr friend


affec. greeting to Wessex!