Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 28 May 1915

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The Little Orchard



My dear friend:

My sincerest thanks for your delightfully worded testimony to the value of my good old faithful friend. You will see, by enclosure, how truly grateful she is –.

It wd. have been very nice to have had some talks with you in this quiet sunny orchard, – & you know I wd. have done my best to make you comfortable –, & not to let you be too tired here –. [Page 2] But I can quite understand yr. distaste for journeys –.

I hope that dear Florence's little operation will be a complete success. I am so sorry not to be in London to see her in the Home –

The Coalition Govt. is certainly very interesting, though I think it ought to have included Lord Milner, who has done [Page 3] his best for years to wake up the country – & who is so single-minded & honest a statesman. – I should like very much, to hear Ld. Morley explain his point of view. Probably his health has something to do with his attitude – but it is more likely the principle of non-interference carried to excess – don't you think? –

I thought the lines in today's "Times" by poor Capt Grenfell rather striking to [Page 4] have been written by a young soldier. And I like his tenderness for birds & horses – in the midst of all the surrounding horror –

I hope you are feeling well – & that the vein in yr. leg does not trouble you, or prevent you from enjoying this lovely May.

Ev yr affec. friend

Flo H