Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 23 May 1915

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The Little Orchard



Hon. Mrs Henniker

My dear friend:

I know you will help me & my dear faithful old Anna – Will you very kindly say that you have known Anna Hirschmann for a considerable time, & that you believe her to be a most devoted honest, loyal person – (or any words you like to use?) who may safely be allowed to remain in England. I want to attach your testimonial to a form that has to go to the Home Office, to enable her to stay with me.

She is not strong, & it wd simply break her heart to leave me.

Your name wd be a help to her & to me.

Ever yr aff. friend


I enclose cover to save you trouble.

Will you very kindly [Page 2] write the statement not as a letter to me – but formally beginning "I am glad to vouch for" – or I am glad to state" – re –