Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 25 November 1914

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The Little Orchard



My dear friend –

The volume of yr. Poems has reached me safely – & I send many thanks. Some day you must write my name in it, please, & I shall feel then that it really is from you.

I have read a great many poems, & see that there is a great deal that is beautiful in the book. [Page 2] Very especially do I like the one to Florence - There are such lovely lines in that -! (The 2nd & 3rd stanzas - & the "large luminous living eyes–") I hope she likes that poem very much herself?

I have not read all yet, but among things that struck me, or in some way appealed to me, are: "In the Moonlight": "Before & after Summer": (which [Page 3] I already knew & liked –) "When I set out for Lyonnesse"–: (a lovely lyric that,)–: / "Her Secret"-: "Beeny Cliff"- "The Death of Regret–" (which is wonderfully true, I am afraid!) & "The Workbox"– –

I saw very pleasant criticism of the "Dynasts", so hope the production will be of much interest to you & Florence. G. Barker seems to have done his share well? –

Please thank F. for her very nice letter. I am sorry [Page 4] that you think "Britannia" Milner wd. be too noisy for you! But perhaps 2 dogs racing [around] wd. be a somewhat disturbing influence. I feel glad, however, that you have got Wessex, & that the birds are safe in yr. garden.

To return to the poems – I am glad you have included the Song of the Soldiers.

I thought Mr Gosse's poem "To our Dead" – I think it was called, really fine, didn't you?

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My best love to Florence. I hope she is well in this rather trying wet & windy weather.

yr aff.friend



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Thomas Hardy Esq O.M.



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