Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 10 June 1914

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The Little Orchard



My dear friend:

I stupidly did not realise yr. birthday on the anniversary –, but please accept belated, – but very good wishes for many more happy & peaceful birthdays.

I am settled here, I hope, till the end of July, so hope you will both [Page 2] come down here some day to luncheon or tea, – or both?

It is only an hour from the South Eastern & Chatham-Victoria – & I am one mile from Shoreham Station.

I hope you have less trouble with the veins in yr. leg, & that you may [Page 3] be able to mount a hill near this house, (or cottage rather,) & look down upon a really glorious view.

I wonder what you are now doing in the way of writing? Poetry, perhaps?

I heard a sad account, a month or so ago, of the terrible poverty & distress in which poor Stephen Phillipps now is. He ought to get a pension from the Treasury. –

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I am disgusted with Prince A - of Connaught for opening the new physiological Laboratory at Cambridge, & going out of his way to identify himself with the worst type of vivisector. - I only wish some mad woman wd. burn down that place! It is awful to think of all those "private research rooms"–. –

I hope you are getting fond of "Wessex?" Please ask Florence to write to me some day – & tell me all yr. news – my best love to her.

Yr aff. friend



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Thomas Hardy Esq. O.M.



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