Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 20 March 1914

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The Little Orchard



My dear friend:

How kind of you to send me the verses, wh. I am very glad to have. I had seen one of them before, & admired much of it. The other interesting little poem was new to me. I wonder who the couple were who walked in the wind & rain, & what [Page 2] their story was. There might be so many possible solutions, & suggestions for a novel about them.

There has been snow & a depressing amount of rain here, which I hope won't damage my rows & clusters of sweet-peas, from which [Page 3] I ^still^ hope for brilliant results. I find this little garden an interest – & I have a bird–shelter, & many boxes to encourage them to nest in the orchard.

It is good of you to tell me how kindly – (too kindly) Florence –, may I call her so? – thinks of me. Hers is a good opinion well worth having indeed. –

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I shall hope to see you both here in the summer. I think I said I might be going abroad in May, for a short time. My brother is here now, & really seems very well –

Always yr. friend


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