Letter from Florence Henniker to Thomas Hardy, 25 October 1913

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Hon. Mrs Henniker

13 Stratford Place, W.


My dear friend:

Needless to say I was delighted to receive the book from you, with its charming inscription. Only yesterday I read some very pleasant things about you & it in "D Mail" & "Evg Standard" – It must have been rather hard work to get it all put together? but I am sure dear Miss Dugdale helped you very much. I shall write again & tell you which stories appeal most to me. Miss D. will have given you my message of thanks for yr very kind thought of asking me to stay & see the play. But I am not going to any plays at present, & on Monday return to my quiet little cottage in Shoreham, to superintend gardening operations. Some day I hope you will spare a day or two, to come & see me there? [Page 2] It is a beautiful neighbourhood, full of interest of all kinds.

I was at Crewe about a week ago, & among the guests was Lord Newton, who is as you a brilliant speaker, & who has just published Lord Lyons's biography. He is an enthusiastic admirer of yours, (of "Tess", I gathered very especially.) That was the book he talked of. I can't help believing that it is yr high water mark?

I see you don't say in the preface to yr.your new book in what magazines the stories have appeared?

I am going to send you a little book of verses by Miss Wedmore, which are really very good I think. You may find some in it that are sympathetic to you I hope.

Best thanks again for the book – & your kind thoughts.

Always yr friend