Letter from Katharine Hardy to Thomas Hardy, 6 February 1908

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[17 July 1923]

My dear Tom,

Will you be kind enough to tell me if the Prince of Wales will enter Dorchester by way of Stinsford Hill & if so at about what time he will be passing thereon. We hear so many different reports, and of course the Times for today has got lost somewhere in the post – the report is that H. R. H. is not coming at all on account of the small pox creeping around!!!!

All workfolk about here are given three hours to go to D., so Chutter will go, & his daughter who is at service at Harry Christopher's has a ticket for the Drill Hall (H.C. has something to do with the police force.) Lots of people are going "to have a good look at en' when he gets to Max Gate so you had better be well guarded.

Henry wishes me to [Page 2] ask you if it will be right for us to put up the Union Jack. We hope you are both feeling "all for it" and are quite well.

Best love to both

Yours affectionately