Letter from Nina Hamilton to Thomas Hardy, 10 April 1925

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Dear Mr Hardy

I know you are in sympathy with our efforts to introduce humane methods in the treatment of animals [destined] for human food.

Could you see your way to write to the Daily Mail [Page 2] emphasizing the need for legislation to make the use of the mechanical humane Killer compulsory throughout the land. It is sad that we are so far behind such countries as Sweden, Switzerland Holland [have decency] of our treatment of the animals we eat.

With all good wishes.

Yours sincerely

[& Earl]
Nina Hamilton

Draft reply in pencil by

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Dear Duchess of Hamilton.

In reply to your letter I can say that I have made & am making as many efforts as I can to urge the humane methods of slaughtering upon butchers. Of course no movement ^^to that end^ will be absolutely successful till we get public slaughter-houses & I think all animal protection societies should make that their object above all others.

Incidentally I may mention a practice that was customary among butchers when I was a boy, & may be customary still – that of setting their young apprentices to learn the art of killing – or sticking as they called it – by beginning upon sheep – considerable cruelty [naturally] resulting from the boys' inexperience. I suppose inexperience must begin somewhere before it can grow to experience; but it would be well to ascertain if this is still the case.