Letter from Nina Hamilton to Thomas Hardy, 10 November 1923

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Dear Mr. Hardy,

As President of the Animal Defence & Anti-Vivisection Society I am writing to ask you if you would accept election as one of our Vice-Presidents? We are against all forms of cruelty [Page 2] and are at this time specially pressing for reform [in] Slaughterhouses.

I believe you are in sympathy with all our work for you wrote a charming letter in response to mine a year & a half ago.

With kind regards to yourself & Mrs Hardy

Yours sincerely

Nina Hamilton

Draft reply in pencil by Thomas Hardy

[Ans.] Shd be delighted if it does not commit me to absolute anti-vivisection..... Maybe cases in wh. a very small amount of suffering, such as a human-being wd submit to – may lead to enlighten­ment on some point of great value in relieving the future suffering both of men & of the animals themselves So I don't know what to say. Pps you c d suggest – say title "Animal Defence & Controlled Viv n Soc" or "A. Defence Soc." alone & I wd. join – ...