Letter from Edmund Gosse to Thomas Hardy, 23 July 1906

[Page 1] Edmund Gosse.

17, Hanover Terrace,

Regent's Park, N.W.

My dear Hardy

After long want of success, I have been fortunate enough to get (at a price^cost^ much exceeding, indeed, the original price!) a very fair copy of the first edition of "Far from the Madding Crowd", in the green and gilt boards. I am extremely pleased, for this book has peculiar and even sentimental interest for me.

Now I want you to be so very kind as to tell [Page 2] me how the illustrations came to be made. Some are signed "H. Paterson" others " H. Allingham". Was the lady married while the book was appearing? Did you know her and direct her pencil?

Anything you can re­member about the history of these pictures will be very welcome if you will indulge me with it, and will forgive the curiosity of a tiresome old bibliomaniac.

I hope you and [Page 3] Mrs Hardy are neither of you any the worse for your London visit? My poor Nellie is still confined to the room in which you saw her.

I am going at the end of the week to stay at Rye with Henry James.

Always yours

Edmund Gosse

P.S. Have you had any con­firmation of that curious story about Mrs R—l St—rg—s? I have been discretion itself.

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