Letter from James P Grieves to Thomas Hardy, 3 September 1915

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Dear Sir

I am writing to ask whether you have any particulars of the manner in which Frank George met his death. He was the dearest friend I had in the world, and I would give a everything I have to think that there was a shadow of a doubt about his having been killed. I have heard nothing except the bare fact of his death, in a telegram sent me by Miss George, whom I do not want to bother just now.

Frank used to spend most of his weekends [Page 2] [Page 3] here with us, and both my wife & myself were very fond of him indeed.

We had a postcard from him, dated August 13, in which he said that their casualties had been heartrending, and that they were just going into action again. We hope that there is a chance that we may still get another letter from him, written between Aug 13th and Aug.22nd.

Please excuse my troubling you.

Yours faithfully

James P. Grieves
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