Letter from Brigadier-General Cathcart Hannay to Thomas Hardy, 24 August 1915

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Suvla Bay

Dear Mr Hardy

I am very sorry to have to tell you that Mr George was killed on 21st inst. – just as his Company was leaving the trenches to attack. I was not with the Regt. myself as I took over command of the Brigade on the 19th. His Company Com­mander – Captain Gregory – told me, as he was going back wounded, that George died before he could be moved into safety. George had done splendidly since we started fighting on the 7th – On the 17th he distinguished himself particularly & brought great credit to the 5th Dorset Regt,, by rushing a Turkish trench with his Platoon, bayonetting some 8 or 10 Turks & bringing back 14 prisoners. I sent his name forward for reward & it was forwarded by the Brigade.

I write all this to you with the request that you will let his people know – All papers & addresses of next-of-kin were lost when my Adjutant was killed on the 7th inst. otherwise I shd not trouble you. The 5th Dorsets have done splendidly but at a great cost as our casualties have been 21 officers & over 500 men, killed, wounded, & missing.

Believe me

Yours sincerely

Cathcart Hannay
34th inf Brigade
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