Letter from Marie Flower to Thomas Hardy, 6 March 1925

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Girls' High School,

Lytham Rd.,


Dear Mr Hardy,

I'm very sorry to trouble you, but I have been wondering whether you can tell me where the "Cliff without a name" is. It appears on the maps, and as far as I remember it is mentioned in Tess of the d'Urbervilles.

I am very interested in it as I live in Bude, and know that particular part of the coast fairly well.

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Hoping I am not giving you a great deal of trouble.

I remain

Yours Sincerely,

Marie Flower.
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Draft reply by

The "Cliff without a name"^ ^in A Pair of Blue Eyes^, so far as it is anywhere , is near Beeny, about a mile from Boscastle. See Mr Hardy's "Collected Poems"; 1 vol. (Macmillan & Co publishers).