Letter from Charles Gifford to Thomas Hardy, 28 November 1912

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30, Hardy Road


Dear Mr Hardy,

It was indeed a shock to me to receive your letter this morning, for recent letters from Emma had not for a moment led us to suspect [Page 2] that she was not in good health. For me it is the snapping of another link with the past and I am in full sympathy with you.

I much regret that I am entirely unfit to be with you on Saturday when I should have liked to [Page 3] represent the Gifford side. I am unable to walk & rarely leave my easy chair.

My daughter [Leonie] asks me to say that she would be more than ready to come to you at once if she could be of real use in the absence of such help as only a woman can give. She & [Page 4] my sister send sympathetic messages.

Yours very sincerely

C. E. Gifford